What makes a successful Sports OTT?

The ten building blocks you need to run a sports OTT

Running and operating a successful Sports OTT platform is a major challenge.

It requires a joined up and well structured organisation with teams of skilled experts pulling in the same direction.

This model helps you to understand the building blocks you need to put in place to run a successful sports OTT platform. It incorporates all of the required people, skills, technology, structures and processes you need to ensure you can deliver a world-class experience to fans.

Because we know that building a Sports OTT platform is about much more than just buying a new technology platform!

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Everything you need to run a sports OTT 💎

This 'strategic capability' model highlights all of the business components needed to build and run a successful Sports OTT platform.

Business capabilities are strategic ‘building blocks’ required for an organisation to function. The business capabilities are made up of four components:

  • Technology

  • People

  • Process

  • Organisation

Components are organised into groupings. Each grouping is made up of 3 to 7 components.


Back office support

The supporting functions across the organisation that are indirectly involved in the delivery of a functioning Sports OTT (as well as the rest of the organisation)

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