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We're here to help the sports sector transition to be more digitally fit for the future

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We have more amazing sports video streaming platforms than ever before

Rights holders, federations, clubs, national associations and many more are getting in on the act and launching their own streaming service.

The business case for investment is clear. The media landscape is hyper-dynamic and consumers are increasingly viewing content in video format across multiple devices wherever they choose. The benefits of direct-to-fan content delivery are numerous.

Launching a new streaming platform requires a huge shift in how your organisation thinks and acts

This is particularly the case if this is an early foray into the ‘direct-to-consumer’ world. It is about so much more than just launching a new piece of digital technology.

Much more than just pushing out content, pressing a few buttons and leaving the magic internet to do its thing.

In digital transformation, the tech is often the easy part

Getting the most out of a video platform requires the effort of the entire organisation. Its launch will change the entire commercial and operational focus. It places new demands on the culture, structures and performance of the organisation.

Innovation is about much more than just shiny new technologies.

Its fuel is people who have the right mindset and skills to make it work.

Getting it right takes time. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

Digitally Consulting can help you to build, launch and grow your video streaming platform.

We work hand-in-hand with technology suppliers and providers to help you build a business that can get the most from the technologies you have built.

We think that all of the non-tech components are an equally important - perhaps even more important - factor in the successful delivery of a new streaming platform.

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