Growth & Marketing


  1. Growth Statragy
  2. Campaign Design and Execution
  3. Creative & Assets
  4. Brand
  5. PR Comms & Promotion

4.1 Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy is a term referring to

The objective of this building block is to ensure that a strategy is in place to maintain and develop the growth of an OTT platform. This strategy will be aligned with the current marketing and product objectives in the organisation.

Gaining new users is an increasingly challenging activity with a highly competitive marketplace and an increasing number of platforms competing for user attention therefore a growth strategy must outline clearly which channels and content will be used.

This activity outlines the way that a OTT platform can continue to acquire new users and retain its user base. This activity involves documenting acquisition and retention plans and is an essential part of growing an OTT platform.

This activity is typically dependent on.

4.2 Campaign Design & Execution

Campaign Design & Execution is a term referring to the design process of an organisations marketing activity and the execution of this campaign when its delivered to the organisation’s consumers

The objective of this building block is to manage the development of marketing campaigns and execution of this project to deliver the strategy and objectives that are outlines in building block 5.1(Product – Product Management).

This is also typically highly creative in nature, there exists a natural feedback loop-data analytics from existing running campaigns which can be fed back in real time to campaign design to allow for constant iteration and evolution.

This is an activity outlines the processing and delivery of marketing campaigns. This activity requires continuous efforts and will be ongoing as its important for an organisation’s organic and paid marketing activity.

This activity is typically heavily dependent on external agency resource.

4.3 Creative and Assets

Creative and assets is a term referring to creation of content and processing this content accordingly for the specific platform, in line with the organisations current marketing objectives.

The objective of this building block is to improve the relevance and effectiveness of creation and processing strategies to improve customer acquisition, retention, and ability to target specific audiences. This objective’s requirements will vary dependent upon marketing objectives in the building block, growth and strategy.

As the OTT platform evolves and matures it becomes increasingly important that creative and assets are increasing personalised or targeted towards the specific user segments that evolves on the platform. This Task will likely involve working with industry relevant third-party influencers and content creators.

This activity outlines the creative process of the development of content to be used in marketing and promotional activities.

This activity is typically dependent upon external agencies and involves the development for metadata for campaigns such as tags and links.

4.4 Brand

Brand in this context is defined as organisations developing a presence within their market and in the eyes of their fans. (surrounding sports organisations)

The objective of this building block is take into consideration what the organisation offers and is trying to achieve, from this developing a digital and mental presence which increases the organisation’s engagement with its fans.

it is important that organisations consider their brand as Fans of the sport may not immediately consider them as a digital media organisation, nor a place to consume content, nor a recipient of subscription money or cash. It is possible that the existing brand of the organisation needs to be repurposed in some way to improve perception amongst fans.

This activity outlines the management and development of perception with fans by understanding the purpose in branding.

This activity typically be delivered

4.5 Comms PR & Promotion

Comms PR & Promotion refer to

The objective of this building block is to improve the communication between an organisation and its stakeholders. In particular when launching communication is key to building long lasting credibility. This building block works heavily with building block 4.4(Brand) to build relationships and branding.

Crafting the external messages to the industry and to the fans and to potential audiences alike is delicate and would need to be crafted meticulously. Crafting this communication effectively requires close relationships with the OTT team especially if the OTT platform is a new venture.

This activity outlines the external communication that the sport organisation will have regarding the launch and growth of the OTT platform involving careful process of delivering your message or view in the best way to strengthen relationships and build rapport.

This activity will typically be delivered by an existing communications department within the organisation.

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